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The Book Solar Design

Solar energy is a force for the future. Its use in new building has increased rapidly in recent years, and now considerable interest is also being shown in the subsequent installation of solar energy systems in existing buildings. Innovative approaches are necessary in this field, for modern technical components must be harmonised with the scale, colour, materials and decorative elements of old or listed buildings.

This bilingual (German/English) book by two members of the PVACCEPT architects' team fills an information gap; it not only reveals new methods for the sensitive integration of solar energy systems into old buildings, monuments, existing urban districts and landscapes, but also presents diverse concepts and applications, as well as innovatively designed modules. In addition to a survey of the functioning and composition of photovoltaic systems, the book also presents 38 very different realised examples with notable aesthetic qualities, including the four PVACCEPT demonstration plants.

In this way, it demonstrates how solar energy systems can be consciously and discriminatingly installed as structural elements of design. It represents essential inspiration for architects, builders and authorities wishing to use this environmentally friendly technology in a fresh and creative way.

The book Solar Design can be also used accompanying the exhibition as an extended catalogue. It costs 22 Euro and can be ordered from jovis Verlag Berlin: www.jovis.de


Solar Design
         Photovoltaik für Altbau, Stadtraum, Landschaft
         Photovoltaics for Old Buildings, Urban Space, Landscapes

Ingrid Hermannsdörfer and Christine Rüb

144 pages with approx. 150 coloured and 25 monochrome pictures
Paperback; Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm; ISBN 3-936314-49-7
Jovis Verlag Berlin
Euro 22.00 sFr 37.50